Fest time is coming

Starting May 31st, and running for an entire week, the Star Forge Music Festival will feature DJs from across the galaxy. They’ll all be streaming live to accompany a marathon party in SWTOR on the Star Forge server. The magic will be happening at The Slippery Slopes Cantina on Nar Shaddaa. DJ Thea and I are both participating, and we’re pumped to be bringing you some music for the first time in a while! More information and a complete event schedule are both available here. Please support Marr’den, Flukii and everyone else who put a lot of work into making this possible. See you there!

Club Phoenix activity update

While we haven’t been doing many shows as Club Phoenix we’ve been busy! Remixes and streams have still been happening here and there on various platforms. DJ Asha tried out the scene in GTA World, while DJ Thea continued streaming in SWTOR as well as adding Second Life to her resume. During this period of inactivity for the club, DJ Deathshadow moved on to other things. DJ Thea and DJ Asha decided to continue on and revive the project when schedules and activities allowed for it. So what’s next for Club Phoenix? DJ Asha will be returning to SWTOR at some point, joining DJ Thea in Klub Fenix, the SWTOR guild created to promote events in-game. The event calendar will Read More …