Thoughts on Theme Shows

So far this year, each of the DJs at Club Phoenix have been experimenting with themed shows. 80s, Disco, 90s Dance, Electro-Swing, we’ve tried quite a few things. They all seemed to generate a good response, but I was wondering what your specific thoughts were. Do you enjoy them more than our regular shows? Do they seem like too much of the same thing over a 3-4 hour event? Are there any other genres you would like us to explore? Answer below in the comments!

New Year, New Music

We’re back from our holiday break, and are working harder than ever to bring you the music that you want! We will have an even bigger variety in 2019, with themed shows, special events and more interaction with the RP community. Towards the end of 2018, we introduced our Triple Threat, when all three of our DJs spin a set on the same night. DJ Deathshadow dug into the record crates of yore with his 80s shows. One of those 80s shows is happening this Saturday! We’ll be building on things like this while staying true to our EDM and Rock roots. Let’s do this!

Happy Holidays from Club Phoenix

Club Phoenix hopes that each and every one of you have a safe (but fun!) and happy holiday season. Your support means so much to us, and we’re happy to have the opportunity to entertain you. We’re off this weekend but we will be back next week to help turn the page on 2018. Be good or be good at it!

The Eighties were back, and it was pretty rad

DJ Deathshadow’s Inferno was burning up the airwaves with blasts from the past on Saturday.  The 80s were in full force, along with some classics from the 60s and 70s.  What will we think of next?  Stay tuned!  Right when you think you can’t take the drudgery of the work week any more, DJ Thea will be making the magic happen on Wednesday.  That should carry you through to the weekend, when DJ Deathshadow and yours truly will be ready.  Whether we have shirts on or not, we always have something up our sleeves.

Triple Threat going down at the crusades tonight

We have a special treat for you folks this weekend.  All three of our Club Phoenix DJs will be performing a set on both Saturday and Sunday!  Now is the chance to catch someone that maybe you can’t usually listen to due to your schedule.  We’re very happy to be trying to keep you entertained on your journey through Gaia, and we will continue to do our best to provide sounds and atmosphere that enhance your roleplay experience at The Crusades.

Opening weekend

The same entertainment you’ve come to expect from DJ Deathshadow and DJ Asha, now operating under their own banner.  The addition of DJ Thea rounds out the lineup for the new-yet-familiar Club Phoenix.  Keeping with the theme of the mythical Phoenix, Wednesday nights will ignite your party week with “DJ Thea’s on Fire”.  Then, the beats get burned down to their essential elements on Saturday with “DJ Deathshadow’s Inferno”, followed by renewal and rebirth on Sunday with “The Rise with DJ Asha”  All shows begin at 8 Eastern.  We hope to see you all there!